About us

Kushi Tei of Tokyo in Immermannstraße 38 of Düsseldorf is a traditional Japanese tapas bar (‘Izakaya’) where you can enjoy authentic dishes such as skewers of meat, fish and vegetables. You can also choose skewers made with seafood or mix different skewers on a plate.

If you are familiar with this tradition, you know that you may order several small dishes, place them in the middle of the table and share them while enjoying good company.

We highly recommend you sample our yakitori, which are handmade skewers of charcoal grilled chicken grilled by our yakitori master. These are then accompanied by plenty of teriyaki sauce or salt.

We also have a separate sushi bar here at Kushi Tei of Tokyo, so you can enjoy fresh sushi and sashimi. And our drinks list filled with Japanese beer, sake, shochu and Japanese longdrinks that match the menu perfectly.

We also offer lunch deals that include traditional noodle dishes like ramen, soba and udon; teishoku which are sets of rice, miso soup and a side dish, Japanese curries and weekly specials.

Also, every time you order a main course, you get a stamp on your loyalty card. After 20 stamps you get a meal for free. Isn’t that great? We think it is! *This is only valid between 12:00 – 14:00